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100 Days of Gratitude - Day Seventeen- Twitter

I'm grateful for Twitter.

I love it. I'm a junkie. I'll admit it.

Hi, I'm CJ and I'm a twitter junkie.

(you all recite... "Hi CJ").

Don't judge me - let me explain. I may get a greater joy and usefulness out of twitter than the average Joe. I happen to be real life friends with a lot of really, really interesting and fun/funny people who actually do interesting things that I'm truly interested in. I don't happen to live near most of them, so we don't see each other very often, but I feel more in touch because of twitter.

For those who don't "get it" here are a few ways that Twitter has helped me or changed the way I do things.

1. It makes me seek out interesting things to do when I'm traveling. Something that's "tweetable". Then I have something to let people know about. When traveling I used to go straight to the hotel and take a nap before a gig. Now I'll seek out something local to experience and report upon.

2. It improves customer service. I have, many times, tweeted about an exceptionally good, or an exceptionally bad customer service experience and often I've gotten a response from the company or someone who had offered to help resolve my issues. For example: I had a problem loading in at the Gaylord Opryland. Tweeted my frustration, got an @ reply from their concierge with his phone number offering to help.

3. It connects me personally with friends nearby. Since I travel regularly for my job, I often find myself sitting at an airport and see that a friend of mine is at the same airport - once even at the same gate - I just hadn't noticed him! Just last week we went to a club to see Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights (one of my favorite bands) in Austin and saw a tweet from my friend Rebecca Loebe who was playing at another club only a block away. I got to run over and give her a big hug - one I wouldn't have gotten without knowing she was there via Twitter.

4. It helps me help others. About a year ago my agent in the college market called to see if I could fly out last minute to cover a gig in Connecticut that night. Another act on the roster had a family emergency and had to be there with his Mom. I couldn't get a flight that would get me there in time, but I remembered that my good friend Brian Brushwood had just tweeted that he had a day off in New Hampshire before his gig the next night. A couple of phone calls later and Brian had picked up a gig he wouldn't have had otherwise, the client was happy that they weren't left without an act, and my agent looked like a champ that she'd found a replacement for the school instead of just cancelling. Everyone won.

5. I really am interested in my friends. They live interesting lives. Busy lives. So do I. None of us have the time to cultivate the individual relationships everyday, individually. So while we may spend a bit more time on Twitter, we're talking to, carrying on conversations with, dozens of, hundreds of, in some cases, thousands of our friends, business contacts and/or fans. No one would have the kind of time needed to cultivate that kind of personal feeling relationship with people individually.

6. Twitter is awesome for comedy! Here's a hint... follow a couple of comics. I'm actually friends with a lot of comics and really funny people, but I also follow a few that I'm just a fan of. They make me laugh daily. This year my absolute favorite part of the Super Bowl half-time show was my twitter feed. It exploded and it was bitingly hilarious!

7. Twitter is the ultimate obituary column and notifier of big news. I learned of the passing of Michael Jackson through twitter (then confirmed it before retweeting). I also learned of major news within my industry and with many news outlets also offering twitter notifications we always know the big stories of the day and can follow a link to more information when it's needed.

8. Twitter is all about what we learned in Kindergarten - SHARING. Pictures, jokes, links to articles that your friends/followers would find interesting, links to videos and so on. That's the beauty of it - when a link comes in from one of your friends you know it's going to be something that would interest you - after all - you've opted in to find out what your friends have to say and share.

9. Twitter is all about selection! Unlike facebook, when someone follows you (finds you interesting or thinks you have something to say) you don't have to follow them back, or if you do you can select to have their messages come directly to your phone, or you can just read them using a twitter client, or on the web. You don't have to see all of their drama, unless you want to.

10. Use twitter to update all of your social media! For those who are friends on, Linkedin, Plaxo, MySpace etc. - it may look like I post a lot on those sites, but I, for the most part, only post on Twitter and have my twitter feed send to those other sites. I visit the other sites from time to time, mostly facebook, to see what's up, but mostly I post to

Now... Just for the sake of helping anyone who may not already be on twitter, who are new, or who just don't know what all the shorthand is for - here are some instructions on how to use twitter.

If you decide to sign up for Twitter, or if you found this post some other way, you should follow me now by clicking here.



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