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100 Days of Gratitude - Day 19 - Juggling

Today I'm grateful that I learned to juggle.

That's right. Juggle.

Almost everyday of my life I use the catching reflexes I learned as a juggler to catch something that's about to fall.

I've kept an amazing amount of stuff from breaking in my life by catching it reflexively.

Once I even caught a kid! That's right, a little kid was sitting on a picnic table and started to fall backwards. I noticed it out of the corner of my eye. He was head down towards the concrete and my hand instantly went between him and the ground, gently catching his head and putting him back upright on the bench. I'm convinced that if I were not a juggler that kid would have landed on the top of his head right on the concrete.

The lesson... every skill you learn has bonus benefits that are completely unexpected. Each skill learned is only a baseline - unrealized benefits come out of just about everything that you take on the mastery of.

So today Juggling - I thank you.

PS. I missed the past couple of days because of crazy travel schedules. For some reason, I'm enjoying this process of writing out the WHY I'm grateful more than just the few words that Twitter or Facebook allows me - so doing just the 140 character update ( the first 29 of which are taken up by the topic!) is much less gratifying to me.

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