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100 Days of Gratitude - Day 38 - Brian Brushwood

Brian and me outside The Magic Castle Hotel in May 2010 when Brian was there as a part of Magic v. Science week.Like I said, these posts are not in any kind of order. If they were, Brian would be much earlier in this list - he's third on my speed dial after my home number and Kim.

Brian's creativity, work ethic and friendship are things that I am very, very grateful for on a daily basis.

I first met Brian in 1994 at the Austin Magic Auction and he was helping to put tags on all of the items. A few weeks later I saw him perform at the magic club and I was impressed. I needed someone to run tech for a very early version of our illusion shows and asked him if he was interested. He was.

It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Brian was the first person to know that my ex-wife and I were having problems. He even worked a couple of shows that she and I did together. He was there at the very beginning of my relationship with the promoter who's kept me busy for the past 17 years.

I was with him when he met his future wife for the very first time in San Antonio.

During college he toured around with me on weekends as my "tech boy". Bonnie (his now wife) was my assistant for about 2-3 years. It was the most fun, creative time of my magic life. Way more like play than like work. I miss those days of having so much fun on the road. It's still fun, but that time in our lives was truly a blast.

Brian and Bonnie started dating while on the road with me - and I had no idea. I guess I'm a bit dense sometimes. I can't think of a couple more made for each other than Brian and Bonnie.

After college he started working at Dell, but would perform on the side with me.  When I started performing at Colleges I told him "I know a market that would be perfect for you". Turns out that was a serious understatement. His first shows in the college market were 20 minute spots at colleges that booked my hypnosis show, but it didn't take long to realize he was going to be WAY bigger in the market than I'd ever be.

We later became business partners, shared a full time personal manager, wrote a book together and toured with Brooks & Dunn together (see Day 32). He's pushed me beyond what I thought my own personal limits were and has helped me be a better performer, a better businessman and a better person. He's also held me back when I was ready to make rash or irrational decisions. He's always been there for me as a true and loyal friend.

We were on tour together in 2006 when I found out my best friend (See Day 13) had passed away. He and Bonnie hugged me and comforted me and helped me get through a very painful time.

When I have business or ethical problems, challenges or questions - he's the guy I call. He calls me for those same things.

Many of my favorite memories involve Brian. We've had some epic trips to Vegas, the Brooks & Dunn Tour, hundreds of hours driving and setting up for shows, dozens of conventions (NACA and Magic conventions) and more laughter in any one visit together than many people have in a life time. I've come very, very close to passing out from laughter on more than one occasion when we're hanging out.

We have been there for each others funniest and most embarrassing moments.

He even taught my youngest son how to light a fart when Nicholas said that couldn't be done. I have video - but won't post it. My kids think he's pretty cool. They're right.

My mentalism show is packed with effects that Brian created including Simpatico and what is probably the best book test ever created.

We live the opposite sides of town in Austin - just about as far from one another as is possible and we see each other in other cities more than we do here at home. But we're always there for each other.

If you don't know Brian personally - you should check him out - he's doing some really cool stuff like Scam School (on, NSFW Show, FrameRate (both on and of course college shows. His website is

He's a smart, smart guy and I'm glad that I get to call him friend.

For the record - Day 2 was "Friends" and Brian was mentioned - but not to the full depth to which I'm grateful for his friendship.

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