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100 Days of Gratitude - Day 40 - UPS/FedEx etc.

Today I'm grateful for UPS, FedEx, and other private carriers of packages and freight.

Think about how much easier they make our lives.

On Tuesday I ordered a new podium for our game shows that had to come from California. When I got up this morning it was on my porch - delivered safely by UPS in three days - from half way across the country. The shipping was about $50 bucks - and when you think about it - that's such a bargain. I never had to leave my house, exactly what I wanted was just delivered to me from half way across the country, and all in 3 days. All handled by someone else.

We order something on eBay and have it delivered to us for 5-7 bucks, the stores we shop at have the items we buy in person delivered, efficiently and cost effectively, by these companies. Every day our lives are made better by UPS, FedEx and other private common carriers.

We take little things like this for granted sometimes. But UPS and FedEx have changed the way that everyone does business.

And I, for one, appreciate them.

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