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100 Days of Gratitude - Day 28 - YouTube

Wanna know something weird? is only slightly older than 6 years old! That's right... 6 years old. And that's from the time it was registered, not from the time that it went live. was registered Feb 14, 2005!

That blows my mind, especially since the very first version of the iPhone included YouTube it was already that engrained in society.

Think of all the ways that YouTube has effected life... we can share personal videos with grand parents half way around the world, as professional entertainers we can easily share our demo videos with customers (though let's face it, most of the people looking at magic videos are magicians who are also making smart assed comments about how they could do it better) or we can search for a "how to" video on just about any subject. Seriously... try it.

Off the top of my head - and the instructional videos on how to do it.

How do I tie a bow tie - answer here

How do I make a home made silk screen machine? - Answer here

How to do the ninja fold for T-Shirts (my personal favorite) - Answer here

Of course, YouTube has had it's downsides in exposure of magic, unboxing videos and the like, but all in all, I think that YouTube is a win for society as a whole. It has literally changed the way things are done.

As a performer, there is seldom a need to send a physical DVD anymore - all of our shows have demos online and that instant gratification is exactly what customers want now.

YouTube has even created a new class of celebrity - the "Internet Famous" like my good friend Brian Brushwood with his shows Scam School, NSFW and FrameRate. All of which can be seen on YouTube, but you should also subscribe at or Brian gets over 1,000,000 downloads per month! That's a Platinum album every month in the terms of old school album sales! Wow.

Because of it's youth the following sentance would have meant nothing at all 6 years ago:

"I just saw the new viral video posted by Lady Gaga on YouTube."

Today the sentance above makes perfect sense, but a few years ago... nothing.

Thanks for making things easy YouTube. I'm glad you're around.

If you're interested you can watch my latest upload to YouTube - the demo for my Motivational Mind Reading Show - easily embedded below:



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