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100 Days of Gratitude - Day 60- Kerry Pollock and CES

Kerry Pollock is an electronics genius. He's also one hell of a nice guy.

I'm mostly grateful for his development of the "ShowTech" and the related products that allow performers to control their own music from the stage.

I've had every incarnation of the ShowTech since it was on Cassette Tape, two different styles of mini disc players and now through the laptop computer. It has revolutionized my show. I have 30-50 music cues per performance now and if I ever have to perform without music I just feel naked.

Early in my hypnosis career, as I was traveling around to colleges with a CD and CD player, I quickly realized that the difference between a good show and a great show, was the tech. Music cues hitting when they're supposed to play looks great - calling out cues to an inexperienced sound tech - doesn't look so great. Using the ShowTech made near perfectly timed tech possible - each and every time and kept me from putting the success of my show in someone elses hands.

In addition to the ShowTech (which is now MediaStar) Kerry, and his team at CES, have created what is, in my experience, the best computer controlled DMX (intelligent lighting) software in the business - and I bought them from American DJ, Elation and Chauvet - theirs is the only one that we've actually been able to implement into our shows (I have the others for sale if anyone's interested).

And if that was not enough, the game show he created, "BONK" is hilariously fun and funny and it's one of the staples of our game show business. I believe I was the 4th license in the country, and one of the only ones from that early on that is still doing BONK regularly.

In the game show market Kerry's "Creative Entertainment Solutions" has also worked with me to custom create software for some of our other game shows to make it easier for all aspects of the show to be handled through one interface, and to be easily edited and customized. His software specialist, Dima, has been a joy to work with and has taken all of my ideas and made them a reality - complete with full tech support and revisions.

There is a reason that the country's top pros look to Kerry and CES for their electronic needs for sound and lights and custom projects. It's because they are excellent at what they do.

Of all of the investments I've ever made in my shows, the ShowTech (MediaStar) was by far the one that gets the most use and has made the biggest improvement to my shows over all. Support the original and still the best.

**note: the links above are not affiliate links, I get nothing in return for this plug, it's from the heart and meant only to express my gratitude for excellent products and service.


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    Hundred days of the gratitude. It is celebrated and enjoyed by the man and all ladies of the enjoyable and pleasure some elements. It is the scope and vital prospects of the judgment and measurement of the joys.

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