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100 Days of Gratitude - Day 63- My friend Gus Davis

Today I am thankful for Gus Davis.Gus when I first met him

Since the day I met him 17 years ago (he was 13) I liked him. We met at The Magic Camp in Austin, TX and he stood out immediately as a young man who was mature beyond his years.

We juggled together at that camp and when I returned the next year, he was the only camper who I remembered by name. He grew into a Counselor at the camp, and eventually a co-director.

I watched him grow up and we were always friendly. In the past 7 years he's become one of my closest friends and confidants.

Gus is the main game show host for Game Shows To Go, others who have hosted include me, David Hira, Mike Meadows, Danny Mackey, Richard Karn (Al from Home Improvement and TV host of Family Feud - a corporate client brought him in) and Jonny Zavant. Gus is by far, the best game show host I've ever seen. He's better at it than I am.

All of the things that make him a great game show host are things that I cannot teach him. He has an innate ability to read an audience, to keep things moving, to adjust to the needs of the audience, and best of all - to keep a level, cool head no matter what is happening on stage or with the technology. He has more "cool under fire" than just about anyone I know.

When I started Game Shows To Go I had a very short list of people who were crucial to launching the show. Gus' name was at the top of that list and I think it's worked out well for both of us.

His work ethic is one of the strongest of any man I've ever met, his ethics are strong, his business sense and morals are second to none. He's talked me down from many a bad decision, he's coached me, lifted me up when I was down, supported me and loved me unconditionally. I have no shame at all in telling Gus that I love him at the end of a phone call. Love is the best way to describe what an important part of my life he is.

After saying nice things about him, it seems almost unfair to say this, but I don't think there is anyone in the world (other than my son Peter) who is more like me than Gus Davis. Maybe that's why we get along so well.

Gus is a great performer, friend, husband and father. An all around great guy.Our childhoods were very similar - raised by single moms who made sure we were exposed to both strong male role models, but also exposed to the arts. Both of us attended private high schools even though it was a huge financial sacrifice for our moms. Neither of us has ever had a "real job" as an adult.

We're enough alike in our mannerisms that we are regularly asked if we are brothers. Seriously... do we look like brothers? I guess it's cool that people would think that, maybe it means that we've crossed a racial line where it's completely conceivable that we could be.

In addition to being a great game show host Gus is also a great friend, a great father to Bryce, husband to Bettina and is the owner of T. Myers Magic, a pioneer in the balloon twisting business. How he squeezes it all into his life and schedule is beyond me, but I'm glad he does.  And I'm glad he makes time for me when I need the time.

Next month we get to hang out in Vegas together with a few other friends at the IMX Magic Convention - and if we never make it to a single event that has to do with the convention, it'll be a great trip, just because I get to spend time with my friend.

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