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100 Days of Gratitude - Day 67- Lammes Candies Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Today I'm grateful for Austin Texas' own Lammes Candies and their delicious chocolate covered strawberries.

I know... you've had chocolate covered strawberries before, but they've never been as good as Lammes'.

Something about them makes them different and more delicious than others are. Maybe is the chocolate, which is awesome on its own, maybe its the scarcity - you can only get them three or four times a year when the strawberries are at their very best, or maybe its the quality of the strawberries when they are available.

It's probably a combination of all of these things, but if you're ever in Austin, TX during the 6 - 9 days a year that they are selling chocolate covered strawberries, buy a dozen and thank me later.

*Sorry... Lammes does not ship their strawberries, but you can enjoy their delicious Longhorns and other chocoates via world wide shipping.

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    The latest performance of the 67thday that you described in this post this is looking as a very nice. Especially for those who are like to getting their selves into the collection of the chocolate’s and the candies.

Reader Comments (1)

This brings me back to my days working at Disneyland in 1986-88. Every morning, as I headed out onto Main Street, the smell from the candy shop, that was fan forced out onto the street, would grab my attention. I would make a point of stopping in to say hi to the folks in the candy shop, and finding out what the goodie for the day was.

One day, I couldn't place the smell, but it made me salivate. As I walked up to the front window, I saw strawberries as big as baseballs being dipped into chocolate. I felt bad about the drool I left on the window, but I announced to the folks on the street to "come see what they're making!" About 25 people followed me in, and ALL OF THEM BOUGHT AT LEAST ONE strawberry. As the line filtered down to just me, the candy makers handed me one. It weighed close to a pound.

I took it backstage and began devouring it in front of the other 30 clowns that were there. Almost every one of them headed out and bought one.

From that day on, I would always entice people into the candy shop with a simple, "Wow, take at look at those chocolates", and the candy makers would reward me with one of whatever it was that they were making that day.

I can still remember how good those strawberries tasted. And now you have me drooling all over again.

Thanks. And thanks.


May 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDon Bursell

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