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My guarantee to you is simple. "My book "MoreShowsMoreMoney" will pay for itself in 30 days or I'll give you your money back." It's that simple. In the 12 years since this book was first published, not one single copy has ever been returned & the first edition sold out without one single paid advertisement!



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The Complete Motivational Magic Show System


"License and Performance Rights "

Have you ever thought of taking your magic into the school system?
Now you can - and it's
easier than ever.

I, C.J. Johnson have finally released every detail behind my highly successful "The Magic Inside" show to the magic community. This show has been performed in hundreds of elementary schools throughout the state of Texas and the US and now YOU too can perform a show that is in demand by schools in your area.

As promised, I’ve finished the much awaited “Complete Motivational Magic Show System,” and I’m excited that so many people have expressed an interest in it since mentioning it on the website and in my first book "More Shows! More Money!". It’s done, and if I say so myself, it’s awesome. I’m calling it the “Complete Motivational Magic Show System” because that is truly my goal in issuing this system to the magic community. My goal is to make it complete. SO… for the next two months, everyone who orders the system also gets “Free E-Mail Support ” That’s right. It’s a guaranteed complete system because you are the judge on whether or not it’s complete. If you have a question… ask it and I’ll give you an honest and to the point answer. As needed I’ll print all of the additional materials that is created and send you an “update” package at no additional charge. Just my way of making sure this is the most complete package you can possibly get - guaranteed.

But maybe I’ve gotten ahead of myself. In “More Shows! More Money!” I call School Shows “The Almost Perfect Market.” I believe that to be true. Most magicians are working evenings and weekends, but have the daytime during the week open for shows. If you can provide schools with an “educational” program they can use – you’ve got a place to work Monday-Friday during the day at a reasonable fee! Now, of course, you’ve got to have a program the schools need, or feel they need in order to get booked and this show “The Magic Inside – A Motivational Magic Show” is just the ticket. A “motivational” show fits in with self-esteem issues, anti-drug awareness campaigns and with a few slight alterations (which I’ll also provide) reading programs.

Nothing is held back and everything is made EASY for you to succeed.

The system is divided into three parts

The Manual - which includes 5 sections:

  • The Marketing Materials – the actual marketing materials that I’ve used to successfully market this show to schools for the past 8 years.
  • The Tips from Experience – 10 years of school show experience in simple bulleted
  • The Teacher’s Kit – Copies of the Teacher’s Kit sent to each school where “The
    Magic Inside” is performed – teachers love it!
  • The Resources – Tips on sound, technology, printing, music and specific places to get FREE or Low cost mailing lists for schools.
  • The Routines – 10 routines with motivational or inspirational messages plus alternate presentation tips for use in Reading programs.

The DVD: You’ll see me perform all of the routines in front of actual school kids. You’ll experience the interruption of a bell ringing mid show, see audience control techniques and experience the timing of the routines from the manual. It's NOT a professional video shoot (have you ever tried getting a professional video set up into a school? It's impossible!).

The CD-ROM. This is where you really get to cash in! I’ve put copies of all of the marketing materials for this program onto this disc. All you have to do is add your own biographical and contact information, print copies of the letters and fliers and you’re ready to go. I’m even throwing in the right to use the name “The Magic Inside” if you so desire. The CD also contains all of the Teacher’s Kit materials, Logos, and some cool bonuses like hyperlinks to YOUR STATES (US only) source of free or low cost mailing lists. The marketing materials are in both their original format (Publisher and Word 2000) and text only versions in case you aren’t using these popular programs. These marketing materials and teacher’s kit items are the culmination of hundreds of hours of work – but all you have to do is point and click.

And then there is the tasteful carrying case – OK, OK, it’s a box – but it looks good too!

I’m even throwing in a couple of surprises for you – that you’ll just have to discover yourself when you open the box!

Now you’re probably wondering, what’s all this going to cost you?

All it's going to cost you is your first show (or less depending on what you charge!) That’s it. Schools have budgets of $300-$1800 and more to pay you for a show and I’m laying it all out for you, the routines, the proven sales letters, the fliers – and the e-mail support. In return you write me a check (or Credit Card) for the price of your first show! From then on – you owe me nothing else except perhaps a nod hello when our paths cross at a magic convention.

This program is not available in Texas where I still reserve the rights to the show.

This is NOT a digital product. You will receive your manual, performance DVD and CD-ROM as well as a license giving you the rights to perform this show, with this name (if you so desire) and the rights to use all of the materials in the system. Licenses are non-transferable without the expressed written permission of C.J. Johnson.

The cost of this program is $350.00 plus shipping.

 You'll have the option to pay with your credit card or PayPal upon checkout.