"The $125 investment will repay itself after about 35 books, and you will have everyone talking about you long after the show.
Highly recommended for the childrens/family entertainer."

Fred Rosenbaum, Review for "The Linking Ring"

July 2002 Issue, p. 123

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that I love the Amazing Magical Secrets book.  We had our first batch printed a few weeks ago and they are completely sold out with the Halloween shows."

Mark Wurst


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My guarantee to you is simple. "My book "MoreShowsMoreMoney" will pay for itself in 30 days or I'll give you your money back." It's that simple. In the 12 years since this book was first published, not one single copy has ever been returned & the first edition sold out without one single paid advertisement!



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Now you can INSTANTLY be an author with this easy to use Instant Author Kit.


Amazing Magical Secrets for Kids

"Reprint Rights & License"

Have you ever wanted to write a book so you could take part in the prestige and profit that it can bring you, but haven't had the time. Well, now you don't have to have the time!

If you perform for children or for family audiences, whether it's in schools, libraries, private parties, company picnics, cub scout events or public shows - you can add hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars a year to your bank account by offering a product that serves as a logical extension of who you are as an entertainer. Amazing Magical Secrets for Kids (or whatever title you chose for the book when you reprint it) is a great "beginners" magic book written with the elementary school child in mind. There are 65 tricks in the book, each one fully explained and illustrated and now YOU can be the AUTHOR of this book!!!

This will be one of the best investments you've ever made in your magic career. Look at all the ways you can cash in as an author:

Extra credibility when booking shows - especially to schools and libraries.

Schools can sell the books for you to offset the cost of your show.

Use them as gifts for the birthday child at a party.

Sell them after any public show; libraries, evening school shows, blue and gold banquets, festivals and fairs - anytime you have an audience!

Use them as an upsell for private parties - after the show has been booked - offer the autographed books for each child for only $______.

If you are a working pro you can easily sell 500-1000 of these books per year - bringing in an extra profit of $2000-$4000 or MORE, all from a small initial investment. Assuming $2000 in sales in one year, your return on investment would be a whopping 1600%.

With this package you get:

A link to the online files for immediate download so you can start immediately!

A sample copy of the book as produced by C.J. (With Gold Version Only)

A master copy that you can take to the print shop immediately (With Gold Version Only)

A blank first and last page so there is room for information about you!!! People will actually be paying for YOU to put your advertisement in front of them!!!

A CD-ROM with the entire contents in .pdf format so you can always get a new master copy from your laser printer, or that of the print shop. You'll also get the cover in photoshop, .bmp and .jpg formats on the CD-ROM so you can quickly customize the cover to suit your needs. (With Gold Version Only - Silver Version is download only)

The rights to reprint the book with whatever name you decide for the book, or you can use the tried and true "Amazing Magical Secrets for Kids" title.

Quite frankly you'd have to be as short sighted as my ex-wife to not take advantage of the opportunity now in front of you. The only way you can not make money on this is if you don't bother to print books.

The price for this opportunity is only $100-$125 (u.s.). You only need to sell 25 books to break even - and from then on the profit is all yours!!!

SILVER VERSION - Download ONLY - $100.00
Use the button above to order your "Instant Author Kit" now using our secure server and save $25.00 on the "DOWNLOAD ONLY" Version. You'll get all the files you need INSTANTLY, but you will not get hard copies or a CD (though the contents of the CD are in the files you'll get access to). Price of download only version is only $100.00.

GOLD VERSION - Instant Download PLUS Physical Copies - $125.00
OR... If you prefer, you can click the button above this line and get instant access to all the files, PLUS we'll send you hard copies to take to the printer, a CD, a license and a sample book. Price for this option is $125.00.

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