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My guarantee to you is simple. "My book "MoreShowsMoreMoney" will pay for itself in 30 days or I'll give you your money back." It's that simple. In the 12 years since this book was first published, not one single copy has ever been returned & the first edition sold out without one single paid advertisement!



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"FACT Since I really started using the principles in your book(which was early October 2009) it has paid for itself not 1000% or 2000% it has paid for itself 10,000%"

David Rangel
Quote sent on 11/26/09

"Your business card states, "Finally, Entertainment with a Money Back Guarantee!" and your new  book, " More Shows! More Money!" follows along this same direction. Wow! What a degree of confidence you possess and for a superlative reason! I've purchased many self-marketing publications in the past 20 years, but never have I had the intense pleasure of reading something of this nature that I can't put down. 
You have definitely covered all the bases in great detail. I can't wait to start implementing your strategies 
immediately! I'd strongly recommend your book to anyone, full or part time, in the entertainment business. 
Thanks for your expertise in "More Shows! More Money!""

Terry Murphy

“Upon first read of C.J.s book, More shows, More Money I was impressed with the ideas and the specifics of  the information.  Now going through it for the second time,  I am realizing that is THE manual for success in  our business.”

Randy Charach
Corporate Entertainer/Speaker
Author of "Secrets of a Millionaire Magician"

"I just wanted to tell you that your book is wonderful. I have spent thousands of dollars on marketing from 
so called magic marketing experts and always felt cheated. I would spend hundreds of dollars on books 
and tape systems and feel like I got ripped off. Your book is the only marketing book from a magician where  I felt I cheated you! I could have spent 5 times what I spent on the book and still feel like I should have paid  you more. Thank you for the book and giving me enough information and inspiration to make my goals and  dreams come true."

Richard Tenace

"Wow!  What a great book you wrote. You wrote down everything we as artists, should know to be successful. 
Thanks to you I will be ahead of my competition.  <Using your ideas>  I sent 250 postcards to agents and got 7  answers. They all said they would love to work with me just because of the way I treat my business.  They said  they wished that all the artists they worked with would do the same. I will read and reread your book again and  again just to make sure I use every idea you put in it.  Thank you for all the good advice."

Alex Reeve

"C.J. has figured it out. In "show business", the "business" must come BEFORE the show! With this simple  change in approach, you WILL book more shows and make more money. Trust me, C.J.'s book is jam-packed  with a PROVEN winning plan and proven ideas that will keep you booked forever. Don't keep waiting for the phone to ring. Order C.J.'s book and MAKE the phone ring with more clients and more shows than you might have ever imagined! Highly recommended..."

David Hira
Magical Entertainer and Keynote Speaker

" C.J. Johnson is a good magician, a good businessman, a good human being, and a good friend. This is all 
apparent in his new book. He has learned the secrets of making a good living with magic, and he tells you how  you can do it too. I wish I had gotten to read C.J.'s book about fifty years ago. It would have made the business side of magic so much easier for me." 

Walter "Zaney" Blaney - Legendary Magician

"An entertaining read that is Chock-Full-'O-revenue increasing tools!  With a money-back guarantee... How can  you go wrong?"

Mike Collins - Former President of SAM Assembly 206

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed your book.  I just finished it and am inspired. 
Your style is perfect for getting to the point.  The ideas are great and I will start putting them to use right away.  
The book pitch alone is worth the price."

In a follow up letter Dan writes: "I gotta tell ya, your book has changed my life... I have been using it as a guide line to get in to schools and other organizations.  It works better than a magic wand."

Dan Murphy - Magician

"I really enjoyed it!  It is the most informative book on how to "make it" as a full time performer I have ever read.  
You really were very generous with the information...I hope you sell a million copies."

Cody Fisher - Monthly Columnist for M U M Magazine
Inventor of Magic Effects and Author of "Intimate Magic"

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.  This staggering idea is the theme of this remarkable book.  
C.J. Johnson not only lives the message presented in this book, but he is a powerful example of someone who  has actually made it happen. If you buy only one book this year, “More Shows! More Money!” is the one to buy.”

Scott Hollingsworth, Entertainment Director 
Magic Island,  Houston, Texas  

"Early January I ordered your book More Shows More Money. I just wanted to let you know it is a great book  and would highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about building their magic career. I used several  strategies that helped me get higher paying gigs. Thanks for sharing!"

Tim Zager
Magical Entertainer

"I am extremely gracious for the information you have provided in your book.  In just two words:  "Lovin' it!""

Richard Gensemer


"I Just got More Shows! More Money and WOW is it ever good. Bravo! Thanks for putting together such a direct 
and comprehensive treasure map to success. You're saving me years of trench-work by divulging these  techniques. I get amazingly enthused just reading it. Put me down on your forever-grateful list. 

By far, THE best $65.95 I've ever spent!!!"

Tim Mannix

"The book is fantastic, the information is invaluable, and IT WORKS!  Thanks for sharing so much experience!"

(Dexter is currently a consultant on the Criss Angel "MindFreak" series on A&E)

"Received your book in the mail Friday and finished it Sunday afternoon.  The opening paragraph about the amount of work it's going to take I really liked. I've read too many books that tell you over and over again how easy it is. "Buy my book and you will make $100,000 in the first week!" Give me a break! 
Your honesty was very refreshing. I'm very motivated and excited about  getting out there and doing it! More than motivated and excited I have the tools  to follow through. Thanks."

Eric Schweitzer

"A great primer on the business side of our art. Also, a valuable reference to refer to in order to keep your marketing efforts on track. This is a book that stimulates and focuses your thoughts on creatively marketing your talents. Keep it on hand 
and refer to it often".

Will Steadman

"Here I go complimenting your book once again.  I just read it again for the second time.  I must tell you that in the 3 weeks since first getting the book I have seen my business increase."

Todd McKinney

"Your book is the finest book ever written on magic promotions."

Bruce Chadwick
Illusionist & Illusion Builder

"Having promoted variety entertainment for years, I can state without reservation that CJ's new book is the most up to date and modern guide for marketing magicians. The resources alone are worth the price of the book. If 
you really want to make money, this book is for you!"

Scott McFall, DCH 
Hypnosis Trainer/ Magician

"If you've done any formal type of marketing you probably are familiar with many of the concepts in the book but the style and C.J. Johnson's feeling for the subject is very refreshing. It is written from a professionals point of view, not someone who has done one or two shows and decided to write a marketing book, but 
someone who has worked the field. The information is mainly referenced to the magician, but it can be easily adapted to the mentalist."

Robert Priest - MindReader

"I have found your book packed full of great information and anyone (someone starting in the entertainment business as well as a seasoned entertainer) could greatly benefit from reading it."

Cody Horton

"An astonishing book! Follow the step-by-step tested marketing strategy inside this exciting book and any good entertainer can begin to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year performing. 
Sound like magic? 
The trick is explained inside-- by a man who went from near bankruptcy to wealth by learning how to market his own shows. 
A true goldmine!"

-- Joe Vitale, author of way too many books to list here, 
including "There's A Customer Born Every Minute! P.T. Barnum's Secrets to Business Success"

" I wanted to let you know I thought your book was wonderful!  It was nice to read something that was packed  with practical, real-world applications.  I received the book,  began to read it, and couldn't put it down.  In short,  this book is a must have for anyone serious about being a professional entertainer.  It is my #1 recommendation  for books on show-business!  Thank you for writing this book without holding anything back!"

Rodney Rash

"Just our luck that a book like yours comes out after we retire!  We've already counted seven things we would  have done differently.  Highly recommended!"

The Great Scott & Judy
Proprietors of Scott Magic Co.


"Your book has inspired me to drum up magic business in places I could not imagine."

Raymond Martinez, Jr.